Jarpen Wire Frame Chair (reserved)

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So, back in 1983 Swedish designer Niels Gammelgaard designed this very cool wire frame chair, which was produced by IKEA. Yeah, IKEA, hard to believe, eh? Thirty five years later, this has become a sought-after design piece, and you can see why: it's got a great shape, and a timeless style. Plus, after this length of time, there aren't so many left in the world.

We've managed to get our hands on one of these, in good condition. We've got one in our shop at the moment for you to test out.

Some folks on the internet are trying to flog these at prices over CHF 1,000, but we've decided to set what we consider to be a fair price for the average Basel buyer - though a pretty good deal if you ask some ;)

Type Chair
Condition Very good
Brand Vintage IKEA
Dimensions 63 (w) x 72 (d) x 70 (h) cm
Seat height 33 cm
Colour Black
Frame Material Metal wire