Murano Glass Pendant (Hand-blown) (reserved)

Murano Glass Pendant (Hand-blown) (reserved)

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This is a stunning Italian glass lamp, hand-blown on the island of Murano.  It is made from free spinning the glass, after the final 'scalda' heating, which is done by highly skilled craftsmen to achieve the trumpet shape. 

It is in a similar style to the Danish Fog & Møruppendant lamps of the 1960s, which are made by pouring brass over a mould. The use of glass in this piece means that the light shines through the shade, as well as down. The glass underside has a light tangerine tint, which brings a warmth to the lamp. This brass hardware has a hook for the ceiling, and a small screw so that the fitting can be tightened flush against the ceiling.

This is a beautiful collector's piece, as well as being a functional lamp for over a dining room table or in a living room.

Type Pendant lamp
Condition Vintage: good, tiny chip
Brand La Filigrana Di Murano? Effetre?
Dimensions  62 (base dia) x 26 cm (shade), 108 (h) cm (full pendant and shade)
Colour White 'opaline' / brass fittings
Material Glass / metal fittings