Full Service Furniture Selling

Full Service Furniture Selling

Regular price SFr. 250.00 Including local delivery

Busy executive? Busy parent? Or just better things to do than spending many hours selling your furniture? We can help.

ecochair.ch is pleased to provide the following full service furniture offer, which covers these activities:

  • Initial session to review items, photography and measurement of all furniture items
  • Pricing items
  • Posting items online (writing text and uploading pictures) on one or more platforms (which may include the ecochair.ch website, facebook, tutti.ch, ricardo.ch, unimarkt.ch and others)
  • Communicating with buyers and arranging viewings
  • Hosting all viewings / pick-ups
  • Handling purchase transactions
  • Arranging for disposal of remaining items at the end of the contact (unless otherwise agreed)
  • Up to three-month service period (starting from the initial session)

We charge a CHF 250 flat fee to get the process rolling. Then, for each item we sell on your behalf, you will recieve 60% of the price which will normally cover the initial fee (and then some!). You will receive the payment for items sold at the end of the contract, or when all the items sell (whichever is sooner).

Please contact us if you'd like further details.