Dining Table Pendant Light

Dining Table Pendant Light

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Do you like to see what you are eating? Us too! This pendand table lamp will do just that, and looks good too. The best part is, it is adjustable and you can easily adjust the height after it is installed by pulling the bar, depending on what activity you are doing at the table. It's quite similar to the Micasa Terzo Hängeleuchte, as the Lontai model was from a few years ago. It currently has halogen bulbs, but these can be replaced by LEDs.

This lamp attaches to the mains, and includes a metal plate to screw in the ceiling to make sure it stays put. Perfect for those Swiss apartments that (surprise!) come without lights.

Type Pendant light
Condition Very Good
Brand Micasa ('Lonati')
Dimensions 6 cm (depth) x 92 cm (width) x 90 cm - 150 cm (height, adjustable)
Colour 1 Chrome
Colour 2 White swirls
Shade Material Glass
Frame Material Metal