Vintage furniture walking tour

Time: 9:00 - 13:00
Duration: 4 hours total
Includes: Snack, Drinks and Transportation
Languages: Offered in English (the places we visit can answer questions in German and Swiss German)
We'll meet at the showroom in the heart of alternative Basel ('Glaibasel'), where you'll munch on a 'gipefli' while you get a brief introduction to some of Switzerland's most well-known furniture companies and designers.
We'll then explore a cavernous vintage furniture storage hall. A short walk will take us to a little vintage lamp atelier, that used to be a shoemaker. We'll cut through a green oasis to a large historic building that sells antiques and exhibits art over three stories. Our last stop is a five floor brockenhaus brimming with interesting finds.
You'll meet the owners and mangers, hear their stories, and learn about their furniture and lighting. You'll also get insider tips from us on what to look for (and what to avoid) when buying 'pre-loved', and where to find the best things. If the weather is good, we'll ride the ferry across the river, and we'll finish off with a cup of coffee and some local Basel traditional cookies, 'läckerli'.
What else you should know
The tour is for locals and tourists. You can buy things on the tour. If it's raining, we will take the tram. There is a cat at one of the shops. There are a several flights of stairs involved.
What we’ll provide
Snacks: You'll get a croissant on arrival and a läckerli cookie at the end.
Coffee and Tea: At the last stop, you'll get a cup of coffee, prepared with a real Italian espresso machine (choice of espresso, americano, cappucino). Tea is also available.
Transportation: The cost of the Ueli ferry is included.
What to bring
Comfortable shoes
Umbrella and raincoat if it looks like rain, we'll be walking outside.
Limited Places! Tickets must be purchased in advance.
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