The Association

'The objectives are to reduce social and environmental impact on the planet.'

 This is achieved by displacing the manufacturing new furniture, with the reuse and repair of second-hand items. It is expected that negative impacts that would have otherwise occurred in primary production (e.g. forestry, mining), processing, manufacture, and transport will be mitigated, including GHG emissions. These activities are also expected to contribute to a shift to a circular economy in Switzerland, by delaying the steps in the waste hierarchy, and therefore reducing waste.

The tasks that will work on are:

(a) Promoting and advocating use of and access to second-hand furniture

(b) Marketing and sale of second-hand and upcycled products, including but not limited to sale of furniture through the platform and showroom(s)

(c) Promoting upcycled products (i.e. individuals or businesses that create new products from discarded materials such as old furniture, pallets, broken household appliances etc.)

(d) Brokering repairs of furniture, including but not limited to providing an online portal for customers to submit requests, which will match with local providers

(e) Teaching people how to undertake minor repairs and restoration themselves

(f) Developing partnerships to scale-up impact

(g) Acquisition of financial resources from private and public funds to finance projects under the auspices of

(h) Communication of’s work to stakeholders and to a broader public.

2.2 Where possible, will partner with and use the services offered by social enterprises and non-profits whose objectives are consistent with’s aims.

2.3 Furthermore, will seek to offer volunteer and paid opportunities for work experience in Switzerland and social integration for newly arrived ex-patriots.


Our organisation has a legal form of 'association' ("Verein" in German, "association" in French, "associazione" in Italian) which is defined by the Swiss civil code (Part one, title two, chapter two).

Association Statutes

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Download German Statutes (translation coming soon)

First Annual General Meeting - January 7th, 2019

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Would you like to support our work? You can become a member of the association.

  • Any person, organisation or business may become a member.
  • The 2020 membership fees are CHF 45.

The period of membership shall be for one (1) year (‘Membership Period’), beginning on the date of payment of membership fees. Membership fees can be paid at any time and will be renewed on an annual basis on the anniversary date.  Upon expiry of the Membership Period, the membership of each Member shall be automatically renewed (unless the membership is terminated in writing before the expiry of the Membership Period) subject to payment of the Membership Fee. Please refer to the full text of the statutes for details.

You may make a written request by sending an email to