Sell your stuff

Those of you who have been following over the past few years will know we are always trying to find the best solution possible to help people get rid of their stuff and give furniture a longer life. This means we will sometimes offer services for a test period, and then adjust or discontinue the services depending on customer demand and how much it costs us to offer the service. Key barriers in Switzerland are labour costs and storage costs, which can drive the service costs higher than the re-sale value of the furniture. We recently offered a full-service furniture selling option for a trial period, which proved to be very interesting for our customers, but we have discontinued this service for the time being until we can build the team up to be able to reliably offer this service, since it is a very time consuming service and we still need to run our core business. We'll keep you posted! In the meantime, here are the options available:

Become a vendor

For businesses that want to list items on our website and/or in our showroom - we market it on your behalf, handle the transactions, and take a cut of the sale (aspects such as storage and delivery will be agreed). This may include single entrepreneurs or small businesses located in Switzerland. Conact us to make your application!

On consignment>

For private individuals who have a few items they want to sell - we market it on your behalf, handle the transactions and delivery, and take a cut of the sale.

Donate your stuff>

For private individuals or businesses who have furniture items they would like to give to for free.

Clear your house>

For private individuals who need to get rid of a number of furniture and household items - we provide advice and can help coordinate consignment of items at the same time as third parties are emptying your house.