Sell your furniture to us - Pilot

Leaving the country, and have house full of used furniture you want to sell?

Planning to change your decor, but need to make some space first?

We can help.

If you have high quality furniture and home accessories in good condition that you would like to sell, please use our online portal to submit your offer. 

We provide two possibilities for selling - 1) immediate purchase by us, and 2) on consignment, where we post your furniture online, and then we buy from you once we have identified a third party buyer.  Once you have submitted your furniture, we will decide whether to offer you one of these options.

Step 1. Set up a seller's account

    We'll need some basic information about you (your name, where you live, your contact details) so that we know who has submitted the furniture.

    Step 2. Tell us what you have available

      We've developed an online portal so that you can easily submit details about your furniture, including photos, setting the price, and when it can be picked up.

      Important note: Our online portal is in public beta mode, which means it should work, but since it is new we expect that there may be some little things that don't work as we expected. If you experience any issues whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us on info [at] . We are actual human beings working at ecochair, so we can take your information manually, while we fix the issue. 

      Frequently Asked Questions about selling

      Read the full Seller Terms and Conditions

      How much does it cost to list with ecochair?

      It's completely free to submit your items. As part of the submission process, you determine how much you would like to make from the sale. We show you the final price that the customer will pay, including the delivery and the ecochair commission

      How much commission does ecochair take?

      We calculate an additional 15% on the amount you set. For example, if you would like to recieve 30 CHF from the sale of a chair, we will charge the customer an additional 4.50 CHF to cover our handling costs.

      Why does ecochair take a commission?

      ecochair offers a premium secondhand shopping experience for customers, including developing, hosting and managing the website, marketing, and arranging all of the logistics. We need to cover our costs - we are a social enterprise, which means we need to operate as a functional business as well as meet our social and environmental mission.

      How much do you charge customers for delivery?

      Customers see a single final price at checkout that includes all costs.

      When we calculate the final price for customers, we include a cost of 16 CHF for small items that can be carried by one person and fit into a cargo bike, and for larger items that need two people to carry them and a vehicle to transport them, we include a cost of 40 CHF. You will see this calculator clearly in the online seller's portal.

      How do you decide which items ecochair buys immediately?

      Deciding whether ecochair buys your item immediately depends mainly on how much space we have in our storage, and what we think our customers are looking for. We keep a very limited stock of items, so immediate purchases tend to be reserved for extra special items, or when we have a gap in our stock.

      How do you decide which items to list on the website as consignment?

      We market our site as selling second-hand quality, design and vintage furniture. Based on the information you provide through the portal, we will decide whether your furniture fits this profile. It's important you provide good, clear, high quality photographs so we can properly assess your submission. In some cases, if the information you submitted is not clear, we may come back to you for more information before we make our final decision.

      I would like to sell a piece of furniture that is a little damaged. Can I still submit it?

      Yes!  If you are submitting an item that is damaged, please selected 'damaged' from the drop down menu, and provide a clear photo of the damage. We are more likely to accept damaged items for listing if they are high quality design pieces, and if it is possible to easily fix / repair them, e.g. surface scratches, small chips in paint etc. Do not submit items with cracked glass. Please be honest with yourself - is it damaged beyond the point where a normal person would be likely to want it?

      Am I allowed to list my furniture on other sites at the same time as ecochair?

      Yes, absolutely. However, as long as the item is listed on our website, you have an obligation to us to deliver the item if it sells. Therefore, if you make a sale through another channel, you must inform us immediately so that we can remove it from our site.