Our Partners

We believe that building a strong community of partners and supporters is instrumental to success in today's world. Our model is to build a business that is rooted in our local community, drawing on the strengths and expertise of the individuals and businesses we partner with, so that we can bring you the best in home design and décor.

 design collector mid century modernBasel local Design Collector has an eye for Swiss classics and the mid-century modern that we so covet. Also a graphic designer and photographer, he brings this experience to selecting high quality pieces that bring a timeless style to your home. We have selected a few of his pieces to display in our shop, as well as a larger selection from him in our webshop. To contact him directly for an appointment  Tel. 076 570 13 15 / info@design-collector.ch Blog: design-collector.ch 









Interested in becoming an ecochair partner? If you have a vintage, antique or second-hand furniture business, create upcycled products, or offer a product or service that you think is complementary to the ecochair business (repair, re-upholstery, lighting, food and drink etc.), please get in touch.