On donation

Ok, we know this technically doesn't qualify as selling your stuff, but if you donate it to us, then we (or others) can sell it, which is much better for then planet than incinerating it.

We will accept the following types of items for donation:

1. Chairs (dining chairs, armchairs, cocktail chairs)

2. Solid wood tables (dining room tables, side tables)

3. Lamps (standing lamps, desk lamps and hard-wired pendant lamps)

The items must be in good condition (minor wear is OK, but we can't take broken things), they must appeal to a wide audience (no ugly 1980s patterned armchairs) - they could be modern or vintage.

We don't take any MDF or chipboard furniture: these are materials often used by companies that sell furniture that comes in a box that you assemble yourself. Neither materials do very well with repeated assembly / disassembly, not to mention that it is very difficult to sell this type of furniture secondhand at a price that covers our costs.

Our aim is to sell these items at a price that at a minimum covers our costs for picking them up, storing them, photographing them and contributes to operating overheads.

We reserve the right to decline donations on the grounds that we don't think the items will sell (or sell at a price that will cover our costs), since this would effectively shift disposal costs to us.

Please contact us with photographs of the items and requested pick-up date / time.

We need a minimum 3 business day notice period for any pick-ups on donations. Pick-ups are only possible in the Basel area. You may also drop things off at our storage facility on prior arangement.