Buy local

Sustainable Living

Supporting local businesses

Living sustainably is more than just buying products made from 'eco-friendly' materials: it is about contributing to resilient local communities, supporting local businesses, buying high-quality long-lasting products, and reusing and repairing these.

One of the primary aims of the ecochair association is to help you discover these options in Basel.

Furniture Map

Discover local shops

Basel is full of shops with interesting (second-hand) furniture and home accessories - everything from high-end vintage design to the local Brocki. We've got details of their locations and offerings here.

Walking Tours


We'll spend half a day together discovering Basel's hidden furniture gems. You'll meet the owners/managers of vintage, design and antique shops and learn more about their businesses. This is a small group tour.

Hunters & Makers

Meet our virtual shopkeepers

Where do we get our stuff? It's everyone's favourite question. And the answer is, lots of places...and people. We're pleased to introduce you to our hunters & makers - so called because some of them hunt vintage treasures, or things to be upcycled, repaired, or refreshed; and some also make and create new things from society's discards using saws, sand paper, paint and a creative eye.

Do you sell upcycled, restored, vintage or antique furniture as a small business, passion project or hobby ? You could become one of our virtual shopkeepers too.

Kyburz Made

Reclaimed Wood

Kyburz Made is a design furniture startup from Basel founded by two brothers . The goal is to produce the highest quality furniture out of reclaimed materials. All items are produced in limited editions within their own workshop. They work with the materials until they are satisfied with the result: Their pieces are located at the intersection of history, beauty and reduction.

Seniorenhilfe Schweiz

Vintage Finds

Michael and Jeremy are a pair of skilled entrepreneurs. They are cabinetmakers, and have the experience to spot high quality pieces and make repairs to items that need a small fix.

They founded Seniorenhilfe Schweiz Verein (association) with the aim of making life for the elderly and disabled people easier, and one of the services they offer is house-clearing.

TS Home Decor

Shabby Chic Decor

Second-hand and recycled materials are very close to Titi's heart, as 90% of her materials are recycled. She does treasure hunts in local flea markets, she cleans and washes the products and then prepares and upcycles them for a new purpose of life. Her range includes things like jewellery holders, pinboards, dog beds (old suitcases), night tables, stools, small storage and various wall deco.



Sackmann Holzhandwerk is run by a highly skilled, self-taught carpenter. He focuses on designing, building and also restoring furniture, and in some cases incorporates and reclaimed wood in his designs.

Classic, solid wood furniture, made locally in Basel.


Vintage Outdoor Furniture

The ÖKO-JOB Foundation programs are designed to combine the reintegration of jobseekers in the primary labor market with meaningful practical work.

At their Gelterkinden workshop, they restore vintage garden and patio furniture, most of which are Swiss design pieces.


Wine Barrel Creations

What began as Ken's hobby quickly evolved into an owner-managed company. The products are made exclusively by hand from used solid oak wine barrels, of European origin.

The products integrate the history of recycled material into beautiful and functional accessories.


Old Fashioned

Decorative salvage - that's how Jens describes what he does. He focuses on timeless designs and rethinking the use of items. He has a passion for finding interesting, stylish and even quirky, yet decorative pieces. Simply put, he buys the things he likes. He restores pieces where it is needed but wherever possible, he leaves the piece untouched so that it may tell it’s own story.

Another Life

Quirky Upcycling

This Canadian-American duo aim to bring new life to old furniture. Wielding staple guns, sanding paper and lots of creativity, they expertly bring together old and new. Their work ranges from a simple re-fresh of vintage pieces with re-upholstering with modern fabrics, to complete re-dos mixing new parts with old pieces for a unique upcyled piece of furniture.


Reimagined lighting

Thomas' lamps are unique objects, as a starting point he likes to use bicycle, moped or car parts, but you may also find discarded kitchen utensils, appliances and old garden tools. And, if you have an idea, he is happy to make something custom made as well. He initially trained as an electrician, which has given him a foundation of technical expertise.