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No waitlists, no PMs, no ghosting by sellers, no need for google translate, no last-minute bidders, no need to rent a van, no driving around looking for parking, no surprises about the condition of the items, no awkward moments when the seller doesn't have change for your 100 CHF bill, no weird people who keep contacting you after the sale, no need to even leave your house (unless you want to visit our showroom).

Make the Right Choice:

Good for you, good for the planet

We are a Social Enterprise

The ecochair.ch association was founded with the objective of reducing the social and environmental impact of primary production (forestry, mining, oil and gas extraction), processing and manufacturing, by reducing consumer demand for new furniture, in turn reducing the demand for resources needed to manufacture it.

Basically, we're trying to save the planet and slow climate change.

No small task. However, we believe that as individuals we need to urgently make changes in our day to day lives, to reduce our impact. The easier it is to make the 'right' low-impact choices, the more people make them.

We think ecochair.ch provides a triple win, where you the consumer benefit by improved access to great furniture, local businesses benefit from your patronage, and your impact on the planet is reduced, which is good for all of us.

We have a legal form of an association ('verein' in German). We are a non-profit organisation, which means we have no shareholders, and the revenues from any commerical activities are used to sustain the operations, to extend our impact, and in some cases, may be donated to charities or civil society organisations whose projects or activities are aligned with our objectives.

Read more about our association and how to become a member here >>