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Our offer

Do you sell vintage, second-hand design or upcycled furniture in the Basel area? Then we are looking for you! There are plenty of locals just waiting to discover your products. 

It's easy to sign-up and and post your items, and we offer:

  • No membership fee,
  • No cost to upload products,
  • Access to English, German and French-speaking customers 
  • Coordination of transport and deliveries
  • Own webshop also integrated with facebook and instagram shopping
  • We take 15% commission on sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of products can I sell on your platform?

You can sell second-hand contemporary, vintage and antique furniture, including design and non-design pieces. You can also sell new furniture made from reclaimed materials and / or upcyled. This includes:

  • Furniture such as chairs, armchairs, rocking chairs, dining tables, desks, side-tables, coffee tables, sideboards, dressers, shelves
  • Lighting such as floor lamps, ceiling lamps, desk lamps
  • Home decoration such as ornaments, vases, globes, wall hangings and pictures

 We may also consider approving the following:

  • sofas and couches
  • cupboards (small ones are normally OK, larges ones that require dis-assembly are not)
  • Bed frames
  • Soft furnishings like pillows and throws

Q. Are there any products I can't sell on your platform?

Well, it is a furniture platform, so please skip the cars, bicycles, shoes etc.!

Things you can't sell:

  • New products (this means items never used by anyone, except if they fall into the reclaimed/upcycled category)
  • Mattresses
  • Broken or damaged items that aren't in usable condition
  • Cheap furniture - if it is made with MDF and you had to assemble it yourself, we are unlikely to accept it

Q. How do customers get the products from me?

We coordinate the transportation. As soon as we have an order, we'll contact you to arrange it, normally within two days of the order.

As the seller, it's your responsibility to transport the item to our showroom once it is reserved or sold. For large items, we may occasionally arrange viewings at the seller's storage to reduce transport. This will be agreed at the time the object is submitted by the seller. 

Q. How do I get paid for the things I sell on your platform?

Customers pay in our webshop. Once we have picked the item up from you and delivered it to the customer, we will initiate your payment. This is normally within 7 days of receiving payment from the customer. We use electronic bank transfers to pay our vendors. 

Q. Will everything I upload be automatically be posted on the webshop?

We aim to review each submission within one business day of it being submitted. We provide 'curated' collections, which means review every submission to make sure the quality of the submission (photos, text, information) meets our standards, and the the furniture being offered for sale is consistent with the range of products and style we offer. If we decide not to list one of your items, we will provide you with a short justification.

Q. Can I sell the same furniture on your webshop as well as my own website or on other platforms?

Yes, however if you sell it through another channel you must immediately remove it from our webshop. If you have a shopify store, this can be integrated directly with our platform. 

Q. I have a physical store and sell products directly to walk-in customers. Can I sell my furniture on your webshop?

Yes, absolutely. But if someone buys it from your store, you must immediately remove it from our platform. 

Q. I am moving out of my house, and have a lot of furniture and other household items to sell. Can I sell these in your webshop?

Our webshop is primarily designed for small businesses who specialise in selling furniture. However, if you are a private individual with high quality furniture to sell that fits our style and collections, you may also sign up and submit your furniture. 

Q. Is there a maximum length of time I can post something?

We will review all unsold items after three months. In some cases we may recommend a price change, or a change in the description. If the item remains unsold after 6 months, we reserve the right to delete the listing from the platform. 

 Q. Can I fill out the information in German or French instead of English?

Yes, you may fill out the information in German or French. The online form is in English, so if you need help understanding the questions please contact us. You only need to provide information in one language and we will translate it to the other two languages.