Basel Furniture Map

Living sustainably is more than just buying products made from 'eco-friendly' materials: it is about contributing to resilient local communities, supporting local businesses, buying high-quality long-lasting products, and reusing and repairing these.

One of the primary aims of the ecochair association is to help you discover these options in Basel.

On the map you can find the following categories:

Design shops - Typically sell top end vintage design pieces (typically 1920s or later) which are more like collectible art. They will often be able to tell you about the designer and manufacturer of each piece and it's importance to industrial design.

Carpentry workshops & upcyling ateliers - Craftsmen and women that create new furniture from others things (like waste wood), or that sell 're-looked' furniture (e.g. re-painting, re-upholstery). In addition to selling their own products, they often also offer workshop services.

Brockenhauses - Receive their wares from donations, typically house clearances. Some are linked to charities, while others are stand-alone businesses. If you know what you're looking for and are willing to hunt, you can find some high quality pieces at fair prices.

Antique shops - Mainly sell pieces that are at least 100 years old, and typically can tell you about the history of the piece. Don't dismiss these too quickly, as you can still find some really nice things at fair prices.

Concept store - An assortment of products and lines such as books, beauty, fashion, food, and homewares; a carefully curated selection that connect to an overarching theme or lifestyle. Furniture is only a part of what they sell, and it may be vintage, upcycled, or new.

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