Watch this space... brick and mortar shop coming soon

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brick-and-mortar or bricks-and-mortar

[brik-uh n-mawr-ter]

  1. :  relating to or being a traditional business serving customers in a building as contrasted to an online business <a brick–and–mortar store>

We have some very exciting news here at ecochair. It looks like we will soon have our very own shop in Klein Basel!

While our business is predominantly online, we appreciate that it's nice to be able to see and touch things before you buy them. While we won't hold the entire stock in the shop (it's a pretty small shop), we will post pictures of our shop window online so you can decide whether you want to come visit us. We have a few more ideas how to use this 'brick and mortar' outpost to help enhance your online shopping experience, so watch this space.

In the meantime, feel free to browse what we have online.

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