Spring in the shop

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Hello birdies,

The deep freeze is over, and the first signs of spring are showing. My chickens are laying more eggs now that the days are getting longer, and the first flowers are peeking out.

One of my favourite things about Easter as a child was the egg hunt, finding shiny little chocolate eggs around the house and in the garden. I get that same feeling these days with searching for furniture, sometimes I open a door or turn a corner, and there is just what I (or rather, a customer) is looking for. Sometimes there are unexpected finds that I know people will love, though not on the 'list', I still bring them to the shop. We'll be doing lots of hunting in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for new things online.

Spring is also a good time for de-cluttering and renovating, something about the weather and the newness of fresh plants seems to provide the right motivation. We've been inspired to build something for the shop. With the help of our student volunteer, we've designed a new display shelf for chairs, and he's been cycling around Basel putting together a budget for materials and getting his measuring tape out to figure out what will work for the shop. I can't wait to see the finished product!

We've got a few new collaborations in the works as well, including with a photographer, a wood workshop and a few others too early to talk about yet - but keep an eye on our social media to see how these are developing behind the scenes.

See you in the shop and  Happy Easter,

Kate and the ecochair team




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