Peering in the window

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Time flies when you're having fun! It was less than a month ago that I got the keys to the new shop, but already it feels like home. It's such a beautiful space, with a huge glass window and herringbone parquet that it has needed very little addition. We installed a chandelier, moved the small stock of furniture in, and set up my desk.

I am planning an official opening in mid-May, though I've already had a few curious folk peering in the window. I even had a gentleman open the door and walk in to the shop to take a look, so it's off to a good start. Of course, the business is mainly online, but sometimes it's nice to have human contact and for people to know that there is a place where they can go to talk to a real person.

Right now I'm busy planning the opening, and getting ecochair established on the internet. So far, we have an instagram channel, a facebook page, a linkedin account and a youtube channel. I've also put us on the map with google, so you can find us, if you'd like to drop by.

Here's a sneak peek at the shop:


Inside ecochair shop furniture and glass shopfront with chandelierShop front with large window and cobblestones breisacherstrasse


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