A (furniture) love story

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Hello cupids,

 So, St-Valentine's day is on Wednesday. What do you think? Is love in the air, or is it just a marketing opportunity for chocolate and flower companies?*

In any case, it's got me thinking about how much the stories of our lives are connected to our furniture.

A young student couple in their twenties moves in together in a tiny apartment, and they buy a cozy couch, their first big purchase together. A newly married couple buy a home, and they decide to invest in a real 'grown-up' dining table.

Sometimes things don't turn out how we imagined, and we find ourselves alone; maybe on a new sofa bed, just until life rights itself again.  Newly 'blended' or 'patchwork' families bring together two households - which wardrobe to keep, which one to sell? Or buy something together, to start anew?

And inevitably, we grow old. Perhaps it's selling furniture as part of downsizing - the kids are grown-up, the house it too big. In the end, like all before us, we pass away. Whomever is left behind is tasked with sorting through the things, the empty armchair, the table suddenly far to big for one person. Before, only functional furniture; now, links to our precious memories.  Well-made Swiss furniture will probably even outlive us, (if it doesn't get carted off to the entsorgung depot first).

As for my furniture love story, this is the fourth country I've lived in, and I've lost track of the number of times I've moved; roughly 20 times before Switzerland and twice here.  Moving here was my love story, after meeting my Swiss husband on holiday in Ecuador. I only have two furniture pieces from 'before', one Chinese wood box, and a beautiful antique Chippendale feather-filled couch. These things now sit in our living room, part of my past life, which mingle with the things that my husband and I have bought together. Who knows what the next chapter of our lives will hold, but I'll bet new furniture at some stage!

And what about you? What are your furniture love stories?...

Wishing you chocolate and flowers every day,

Kate and the ecochair team

 *And perhaps secondhand furniture businesses? :)



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