When exactly Thomas started upcycling is hard to say. He was constantly tinkering even in his youth, and initially trained as an electrican, which gave him a foundation of technical experise. The purchase of his house was a milestone, as it is was here that he had ideas for lighting, and did not find what he was looking for in any of the shops he searched.

And so he bagan building his own lamps and lights. He enjoyed the planning, trying out ideas and creating so much that he didn't stop, even long after all the rooms in his home had lamps. After positive feedback and encouragement from friends and family, he decided to start selling his works.

His lamps are unique objects, as a starting point he likes to use bicycle, moped or car parts, but you may also find discarded kitchen utensils, appliances and old garden tools. And, if you have an idea, he is happy to make something custom made as well.

Thomas is somewhere between an artist and an electrician; and he's got his workshop in Biberist (canton Solothurn). He sells his unique pieces with us, as well as two other shops (in Solothurn and Zurich). You may also be interested in his blog, he's got a few tips for upcycling projects, like turning an old Davos sledge into a coat rack!


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