What began as Ken Bourson's hobby evolved into an owner-managed company within a very short time. The company is based in Basel and the products are made exclusively by hand from used solid oak barrels. They only use used wine barrels of European origin. is an independent design project of Bourson GmbH, which integrates the history of recycled material into beautiful and functional accessories. Their products reflect our attention to detail and commitment to ethical, sustainable production.

The wood, which comes from old barrels, makes each product unique thanks to its characteristics and traces of the past.

Furnishing style is an expression of personality, so they manufacture custom furniture & accessories from used oak barrels whose design and patina beautifies your home and perhaps adds to a captivating and boisterous mood.

The upcycling completes the recycling and conquers more and more lovers. It has become a trend of living and is constantly inspiring us to new ideas.

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