I've got a Blickfang Furniture Hangover...! But in a good way.

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Hello, fellow furniture lovers—

Do you ever find yourself in this argument:

          I don’t need it.

                  But I want it.

                           But I don’t need it.

                                    Ooh, but I want it…

That was totally me at the design fair ‘Blickfang’ last week! What a gorgeous collection of high-quality European-designed-created-produced goods. It was my first time at the annual fair, and I must say, as someone who actively tries to reduce the amount of ‘things’ I own, it was SUCH. A. CHALLENGE. My credit card was practically jumping out of my wallet—everything was absolutely stunning. I especially fell in love with two lines of furniture made from salvaged wood (check out Basel’s own Kyburz Made and Freiburg’s Stilemente).

Our Blickfang Photo Album

 Kyburz made



Since then, I’ve been inspired to make some ‘reclaimed’ furniture again.

I've posted this picture of the sideboard I made myself (really!!) a few years ago. What—you didn’t know I was such a spectacular furniture-making talent to behold? What can I say? But truth be told, I can’t take all the credit. Three years ago, I found a fantastic place called Freizeit Werkstatt in Basel that can make even a newbie look good.


Local Furniture Workshops for You to Use

Check this out—Freizeit Werkstatt is a carpentry workshop that is open to the public at various hours, six days a week—so you can always find a time that fits your schedule. You can use the machines and tools, buy wood from them, and keep your items there while you’re working on them (just in case you live with anyone who just doesn’t appreciate a ‘craft corner’). And the cost of membership is a mere—and very ‘un-Swiss-like’—80 chf a year. Can you believe it? But the best part is there are actual real-life professional carpenters who are available to guide/teach/help you at every stage—even with sketching a design. So, if you’re feeling even remotely excited about this, even if you have zero experience, I highly recommend you pay them a visit.

When I created my sideboard at Freizeit Werkstatt (which I will forever be in love with), I was able to use local, sustainably-sourced wood, and incorporate my vintage, salvaged metal handles and legs on the finished product. Best of all, it is solid, well-made and will last for a very long time. Now I’m thinking reclaimed wood headboard…

Other good local options include Macherschaft,  an open workshop with locations in Klein Basel and Gundeldingen (also with experts on hand to help), with membership starting at CHF 60 / year; and a little further afield in Rheinfelden, selfmaker.ch, which also offer courses as well as workshop space.

One of the reasons we at ecochair.ch do what we do is to show people that making sustainable choices doesn’t always mean making hard choices. There are so many furniture options available, including beautiful upcycled design pieces like I saw at Blickfang, making your own with the help of an expert, or finding a high-quality piece in our webshop. We can help you make choices that don't sacrifice style, and are good for the planet too.

On that note, feel free to drop by our showroom during opening hours and we’d be happy to give you tips on where to find (or make) something that suits your style and budget. Or, pop us an email if you prefer!

Until then,

Carrie and the ecochair.ch team

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